Hello I’m Derek,

I am currently on a weight loss journey. I have been dealing with weight issues for some time now and finally ready to put in the work to achieve my goal of living life 100% without anything holding me back.

My starting weight was a whopping 426lbs that scared me into pulling the trigger of changing a few things. I have since left the 4 zone and now sitting somewhere in the 3 zone and currently a work in progress. I have created my own personal weight loss meal plan and posted what I am eating right here to burn the fat off.

I am obviously not a fitness expert or nutritionist of any sort but a regular big dude who just decided

that I am ready to lose weight. I have decided to document my journey and share my wins and failures with you on this website. I hope that I will make a few friends along the way who might be on a journey of your own. So please feel free to join my email list and subscribe to my You Tube page to keep up to date with my progress.

Thanks for checking me out and welcome to my life!



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