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Gluten Grains Go Away

February 3, 2015

gluten grains go away

I was thinking since I’m currently on a lifestyle change not a diet I’m going to have to modify a few things. I was also thinking I’m going to have to do some more in-depth research to figure out what meal plan would be best suited for me.

Currently I’m leaning towards a more paleo approach to tackling the Battle of the Bulge of my self inflicted obesity issue. I was looking for a diet that would allow me to eat and not starve and be hungry all day.

I need a reallistic solution to my problem that allows me to eat but still would effectively help me to lose the necessary weight for me to be healthy. I have purchased a couple of books recently to help me on my journey. Let me start by telling you that these books are literally blowing my mind! I’m now finally learning the truth about diet and what we are really eating on a standard American diet.

Now this time around I’m not just looking for pounds to drop on the scale but I’m looking for a healthier approach and more logical nutritional experience.

One of the books that I am stuck on right now and can’t put down is called Grain Brain by, David Perlmutter, MD and I promise you it is a fascinating read so far!

I’m learning about how gluten effects us and what foods and products contain it. I personally don’t want to continue to include gluten in my diet after what I have just learned for sure. With this new information that I have learnt recently I will be making some modifications on my meal plan that I have posted earlier right here.

I am also learning that there are many people like you and I who are gluten intolerant and suffer with many life threatening issues as a result of consuming it. So as I proceed through out my weight loss journey you will see that I will absolutely be eliminating and staying clear from gluten.

I have also learned that some of the signs that might point to gluten issues are but not limited to chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances such as PMS for women, mood swings & depression.

I have to be completely honest that what really resonated with me was the reported cases of inflammation of the joints, chronic fatigue and a whole list of others and trust me I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

Worst of all the most obvious side effect from having issues with gluten would be me being overweight which is such an easy fix but at the same time an extremely challenging uphill battle but I never ran from a fight and not starting now! So for right now I will just have to say gluten grains go away!


Conquering Fear

February, 1 2015

Conquering fear 2

Everyday I wake up I’m always faced with a new challenge or obstacle to get through my day. Some of these challenges for me may just be as simple as sticking to my diet for making sure that I get my workout in for the day. But as I think deeper into the very thing that limits me from reaching these goals may be more psychological than physical for me.
The Power of Wise Words

To be clear I’m starting to feel that anytime that you are giving a blueprint on how to accomplish a goal and don’t accomplish that said goal, there is an obvious fear of succeeding or something else holding you back. So what I’m doing now is thinking about what exactly prevents me from reaching my goals and eliminating the waste so that I can proceed to my victory. I once heard Joel Osteen saying in one of his sermons I declare that my time is coming and I am a victor and not a victim“. 

When I heard him say that it actually resonated with me and lit a fire in my gut that I didn’t want to put out. You see before going into a transformation it is my perception that a person has to have a reason to go after the transformation in the first place, don’t you agree? Let me be clear that for me a transformation is an opportunity to live life 100% without any limitations or restrictions. It will prevent me from having to turn away from the mirror when I look into it so that in the future I can look at myself with pride instead of disappointment. I know that I am better than this and the only way I can prove it is to show myself that I LOVE ME ENOUGH TO CHANGE MY BAD HABITS ONCE AND FOR ALL!
I feel that before enlisting on any journey or starting any weight loss program I personally first need a reason why I am doing what I’m doing this in the first place. Right?
I actually need a purpose for my sacrifice to achieve what  I am setting out to do.

I am personally excited about my newest journey to beat this obesity issue I have been struggling with for some time now. I know that in order to do something as hard as losing weight I have to first be dialed in and FOCUSED!

For me this is an opportunity to reboot my life and finally give myself a second chance. I guess the most powerful thing I have learned so far on my journey is that fear is just an emotional lie that we tell ourselves to prevent us from reaching the next level. I am at a point in my life that I am not letting anything or anyone prevent me from the success that I truly feel I deserve so I am getting out of my own way!
-Mr. Meltdown


January 28, 2015


Today was just another typical Wednesday for me. I woke up early by the sound of my cell phone alarm clock letting me know it was that time once again to get my butt up.
Mixed me up my own little experimental green smoothie concoction and drank that thing down like a champ, oh yeah baby!

After a killer toe cracking session and accidentally almost stepping on my girlfriend’s dog who just seems to love to run under my feet which I think was suicidal, I proceeded to start my day.

I couldn’t believe that at 6 a.m. In the morning the gym had the nerve to be packed??? Pardon the sarcasm but waiting 20 minutes to get on a treadmill that I really didn’t want to get in the first place just didn’t seem like the way I wanted to start my day but oh well, charge it to the GAME! LOL

Surprisingly enough I had an awesome workout but that is usually the case when I am that tired for some reason.

On my way out of the gym I bumped into an old buddy of mine who I have not seen in a while. I have to be completely honest that at first glance I did not even recognize this dude. He looked like a completely different person and was running around like he had energy boots on or something…

When I asked him what was his secret after congratulating him for his weight loss success. My friend said in an emotional heartfelt tone ” Derek, I JUST GOT SICK OF BEING FAT!

This honesty struck a chord with me and made me understand why I was at the gym this early in the first place. This is the same passion I feel about losing my weight and living my life without restrictions. I am just at a point in my life where I totally am SICK OF BEING THAT BIG GUY!

This is something that I signed up for and promised myself I was worth the effort. This is my own personal weight loss journey that I am ready to take on. My friend reminded me just that quick that getting up early on an empty stomach and putting in the work is just another form of payment for my future self.


I feel at the end of the day we all have to choices we make with how we live our life. We can hit the snooze button and sleep though life without living to our full potential or we can simply just WAKE UP!

This is my time to rise and GRIND and I am now AWAKE!